Production Engineering

Develop process plans and 3D work instructions to support manufacturing

As today’s ships and platforms are becoming larger and more sophisticated, the process to build them needs to adapt and evolve to ensure they are produced as efficiently as possible. A process plan is a critical component of a ship or platform’s manufacturing lifecycle. It defines the sequence of how products are built, the operations that are involved, the human and machine resources that are used to perform the operations and the instructions that are needed to build the ship or platform.  What is challenging here is the ability to validate the process plan before execution starts. 

Optimized Production For Sea enables to validate each step of the process plan, simulate the execution, and identify bottle necks and issues. It also helps process engineers to adjust the process plan and optimize it to ensure an efficient and effective production execution.

With Optimized Production For Sea planners use manufacturing data to develop the process plan that details the jobs and operations to be performed, the time required for each and the resources that are needed. Planners can also automatically generate interactive 3D work instructions from the process plan to support the manufacturing assembly.

Key Highlights and Benefits

  • Reuse standard process plans and standard operation templates
  • Generate process plans from the defined manufacturing assemblies
  • Define and optimize process plans and related production job orders
  • Define operations and constraints between operations within a process plan
  • Maximize utilization of resources in the planning stages by balancing operations
  • Produce and deliver 3D interactive work instructions