On Time To Sea

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On Time Compliance

Manage and Track Compliance to Requirements and Regulations

Ships and offshore structures are sophisticated products. It is fundamental for any shipyard to satisfy a complex set of requirements to meet the owners’ demand while adhering to ever more stringent safety and environmental regulations.

On Time To Sea provides marine and offshore companies with a unified collaborative platform to capture the voice of the customer and ensure that the final product is built to specification. Customer needs are translated into formal requirements that are then analyzed, and managed in association with project planning and task assignment throughout the entire project lifecycle. These requirements and regulatory compliance information are available to the entire ecosystem with secure access control.

With On Time To Sea, requirement change requests are properly integrated into a project's planning to ensure it remains on schedule and within budget. There is full traceability between requirements and all associated scheduled tasks and engineering information, which enables stakeholders to assess the impact of potential changes and to manage these modifications effectively once they are validated. 

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Capture, analyze, and manage requirements and regulations throughout the project lifecycle with full traceability
  • Track compliance to requirements and regulations to deliver high quality products that accurately reflect the voice of the customer and adhere to certification rules
  • Assess, manage, and track impacts of changes to requirements
  • Tightly integrate requirement management into project planning to reduce risks