Navy Vessels

Do you need to build navy vessels which must be technologically sophisticated, capable, smart, and environmentally friendly and of course have unprecedented levels of durability? Dassault Systèmes’ Industry Solutions Experiences dedicated to the Marine & Offshore Industry enable you to take up these challenges.

Build Smart and Lasting Navy Vessels

Naval program offices and design agents must be able to issue comprehensive and unambiguous guidance and specifications to contractors, track necessary changes to specifications in real-time, and monitor all aspects of their ship lifecycles.

Builders and operators must have the tools necessary to translate these specifications into a buildable design, and be assured that they have immediate access to all necessary information in order to meet the demands of their customers in an era of shrinking budgets and margins for error.

The 3DExperience Business Platform dedicated to the Navy sector enables to successfully overcome these challenges and to fulfill the needs of ever evolving Navies and even going beyond.

When a nation’s defense department awards a military contract to a shipyard, it makes heavy demands. (…) We are constantly juggling between meeting their technical specifications and keeping costs down. (…) Translating our customers’ requirements into features requires powerful solutions and a partner that understands our business.

Frédéric Bréhier Chief Information Officer, CMN