Piping & HVAC Design

Engineer Piping and HVAC systems, develop 3D design ensuring integration and synchronization

Within today’s sophisticated ships and platforms, piping and HVAC systems are key disciplines in the overall design. For these disciplines, engineers need to define and validate the system definition as part of the early design using detailed specifications accounting for regulations and company rules. Once the systems are defined and validated, designers will develop the 3D model to support these systems. Throughout the entire process, it is critical that the piping and HVAC design information is well integrated with all other disciplines to ensure cross-discipline coordination and alleviate potential conflicts that would cause costly reworks and delays.

Designed For Sea enables engineers and designers to define, simulate, analyze and validate piping and HVAC systems to ensure ship and platform design excellence.

With Designed For Sea, fluid engineers can easily define and manage schematic diagrams for piping and HVAC systems using integrated design rules and catalogs to ensure compliance with material specification and regulatory standards. These diagrams are then used to drive the equipment arrangement and 3D system layout to efficiently capture and manage the required space and avoid design conflicts with other disciplines. 

As it embodies the customer requirements and the design criteria, adherence to the design intent is essential. Designed For Sea manages design intent during the 2D and 3D piping and HVAC basic design thereby enabling the generation and synchronization of specification driven detail design. Designed For Sea ensures design integration between the logical and physical design which enables engineers to quickly and easily check design integrity and compliance with customer requirements. Embedded knowledge rules, standard templates, and design specifications catalogs provide the ability to dynamically validate the design and ensure compliance with classification and regulation standards. 

With Designed For Sea, you can generate Piping and HVAC specific drawings such as installation and fabrication drawings.  When the 3D design is changed, engineers can automatically propagate the changes from the 3D design to the generated drawing which can significantly improve quality and help reduce cost. 

Key Highlights and Benefits

  • Define piping and HVAC engineering specifications to drive the part selection process and ensure the integrity of systems
  • Develop Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) and HVAC diagrams
  • Define arrangement and 3D system layout
  • Create and synchronize detail design with logical design
  • Validate, analyze, and simulate piping and HVAC systems
  • Generate Piping and HVAC drawings such as installation and fabrication drawings automatically