Design Review

Design review and cross discipline coordination

Providing engineers, suppliers, ship owners as well as non-technical personnel access to project information streamlines projects and stimulates collaboration. Companies that store their information in different specialized design systems lack efficient coordination across engineering disciplines, which can cause late design conflicts and costly and lengthy rework.

Designed For Sea provides real-time dynamic dashboards and reports that can be used to share information on project status with the entire ecosystem, including owners, designers, and certification teams, facilitating the review process and accelerating decision-making. All appropriate team members have instant access to business intelligence information and the most up-to-date product and project data, including BOMs and reports, with the ability to monitor compliance with customer requirements and regulations, technical budget consumption and delivery schedules.

With Designed For Sea, interactive cross-discipline design reviews can be performed in 3D to quickly identify, track and solve cross-discipline design issues, such as interferences and penetrations with visual feedback. Formalized design review templates can also be created to standardize and streamline the review process. 

Key Highlights and Benefits

  • Access project information anytime, anywhere via dynamic real-time dashboards and reports
  • Easily monitor compliance with requirements, regulations, and technical budget consumption
  • Streamline collaboration and perform basic design reviews to ensure efficient coordination across multiple engineering disciplines