Design Know-How

Efficiently capture knowhow and existing design information to support reuse

Whether for an entirely new program or a similar project, such as sister ships, there is substantial value in the wealth of design know-how and expertise available within a company that can help optimize design cycle time and improve quality.

With Designed For Sea, knowledge gained over the years, proven designs from past projects, and industry practices can be easily capitalized for reuse in future projects. Multi-disciplinary engineering teams located on multiple sites around the world have access to design data, catalogs, templates, design rules, company and industry standards, anytime, anywhere with appropriate security controls to help ensure protection of intellectual property.

Designed For Sea features built-in marine and offshore semantics that promote design consistency. Rules that include material specification, naming, and manufacturing criteria are embedded in the design process. This satisfies design integrity and compliance with customer and production requirements as well as regulatory standards, while helping companies achieve significant productivity gains and cost savings.

Key Highlights and Benefits

  • Efficiently capture know-how through templates and standard part catalogs to enable reuse for greater design productivity and cost efficiency
  • Include behaviors, design and manufacturing rules, and company-specific design criteria for greater design consistency and quality
  • Manage knowledge rules and design specifications to ensure compliance with customer requirements and industry regulations