Commercial Ships

Are you looking for a solution that will enable you to face the market pressures reducing your costs while improving your ships’ quality? Dassault Systèmes’ Industry Solution Experiences dedicated to the Marine & Offshore Industry enable you to take up these challenges.

Build Smart and Reliable Commercial Ships

The commercial fleet is ageing and must be replaced by newer, smarter, cleaner vessels that employ advanced technologies – and that above all, must be absolutely safe.

Innovative designers must have access to tools to necessary incorporate ever-increasing levels of mechanical, electrical, fluidic and hydraulic system integration and be able to immediately and seamlessly share that data in real-time with shipbuilders. The builders in turn must be able to immediately communicate any challenges back to the designers and quickly rectify any changes to the design, all the while optimizing manufacturing to reduce cost and time to sea, while improving quality.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Business Platform dedicated to the Commercial sector enables to successfully overcome these challenges and to fulfill the needs in order to bring to the final customer a unique travelling experience meeting his expectations and even going beyond.

Customers come to us when they have a challenging design task and they need our expertise. (…) A vast majority of our design work, already in the conceptual phase, is done in 3D. (…) 3DS technology has enabled us to be more efficient and innovative, and to bring added value to our customers. Through innovation, we hope to set new standards.

Esa Jokioinen Manager, Concept and Development, Deltamarin