Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is an encompassing discipline that integrates multiple domains to provide high-level, collective view of an entire product. This collective approach to product development looks at the product as a whole, with all components working together as a single unit. To enable the realization of a successful system, engineers must consider both technical and business aspects such as performance, cost, schedule, sourcing, manufacturing and disposal.

DS' Systems Engineering solution is designed to meet specific needs of system engineers of Shipbuilding companies. It enables companies to integrate product design with product definition, ensuring initial customer requirements. Engineers find our intuitive requirement management and system modeling applications great enablers for rapid system definition. Since 80% of product cost is committed when a company establishes product requirements, optimizing the system functions and architecture early in the development process provides clear competitive advantages. 

Our solution enables all development efforts to be centralized on a unified product definition so that various disciplines are brought together on a common platform that fosters collaboration and innovation. This brings many advantages such as end-to-end process optimization, cross-discipline system modeling and analysis, as well as systems level configuration management. Coupled with workflow, changes specific to a configuration can be rapidly communicated to global stakeholders.

All across Shipbuilding industries, companies are looking for ways to make their business more resilient in the face of change and uncertainty. This solution can help you capitalize on your valuable corporate know-how and integrate various disciplines to better react to rapidly changing market conditions, manage risks, and outpace your competitors. By employing holistic approach to product engineering that takes into account system reliability, availability, maintainability and safety, you can significantly increase product quality and performance, while optimizing for costs.

Dassault Systèmes' solution for Ship Systems Engineering includes:

  • Requirement management
  • Functional analysis
  • Logical design
  • System modeling
  • System simulation & optimization
  • Physical system architecture definition
  • Dysfunctional and reliability analysis and simulation

We chose CATIA because it’s flexible and versatile allowing us to handle design activities such as ship outfitting and engine design, end-to-end flow for 2D functional design, and 3D detailed design.

Hiroshi Tomita Management Staff, System Team, Design Department, Tsu Shipyard, Universal Shipbuilding Corporation