Hull Structure / Structural Platform

Ship hull structure is the most important consideration in shipbuilding. This also is a key area where the CAD tool typically requires the most adaptation because ship hull structure presents challenges unique to the shipbuilding industry. Unlike generic CAD solutions, the Ship Hull Structure / Structural Platform solution from DS has been developed in cooperation with shipbuilding industry leaders. This ensures that applications follow professional practice and meet the requirements of yards and classification societies.

DS' Ship Hull Structure / Structural Platform solution provides intelligent templates that allow the designers to capture and re-use knowledge and design intent to greatly reduce the time required for design. The hull structure solution supports a smooth transition from general arrangement (the output of the project development phase) to the basic design or class design, where rules and strength calculation are required. FEM analysis can be carried out either by CATIA or through interoperability with commercially available solvers such as MSC-Nastran, ANSYS or others.

In Ship Hull Structure / Structural Platform solution, knowledge templates are provided to automate many difficult cases while maintaining all project specifications. As not all hull structural details are standard so the solution provides efficient interactive tools to create individual details that still carry the full spec-driven implementation. Copy and paste interactions allow for reusing of existing design components to rapidly complete the detailing.

During the detailing stage, additional data is produced to represent the different stages of each part. These stages can include variables such as profiles before bending or shell plates before rolling and heating. For steel work such as nesting and steel cutting, an interface to ALMA is provided, demonstrating the openness of our solution.

Ship Hull Structure / Structural Platform solution includes:

  • Hull structure basic design, including, ship block-split
  • Structural foundation and secondary structure
  • Hull structure detailed design
  • Hull structure lofting, including template creation
  • DPM for assembly
  • ALMA integration for nesting and steel cutting
  • Simulation and validation

We finally have a solution dedicated to naval architecture that responds to our specific needs. There are other 3D solutions on the market but they don’t provide the reliability, precision and power that the CATIA provides.

William Pegram Managing Director, Isonaval