Ship Maintenance and Operation

A ship’s lifespan may reach 20-40 years. Informed ship owners realize that total lifetime ownership costs of a ship is just as important as the initial price. For commercial ship owners, having a ship out of service for a few days may result in millions of dollars of revenue lost, a tremendous impact on already volatile profits. More than ever, owners are pressuring shipbuilders to deliver products designed with long term operational and maintenance efficiency in mind. 

In DS fully integrated PLM system, operational and maintenance processes of a ship are optimized early during design development. Engineers can leverage safety rules and environmental protection requirements that have been entered into the system to ensure that ship operation and maintenance sequence are safe for operators. This solution includes human simulations including aspects such as vision, display and motion. As components and the human aspects are included in the planning, operational and maintenance sequences can be optimized for safety, costs and time.

The process of virtually defining a ship captures and produces records of tremendous potential value to owners and operators, including original system specifications, classification documents, equipment attributes and machinery arrangements.  This data, when maintained along with the repair records, technical documents, and maintenance and operations records, is a vital asset.

The benefit of maintaining and re-using this information throughout the lifecycle of a ship is obvious. DS PLM therefore offers shipbuilders an opportunity to extend their current business by offering owners and operators well-defined data for use in ongoing operations. In operating commercial ships, especially those for transporting hazardous materials, many well documented processes must be executed to satisfy different organizations, from safety to security to maintenance operations such as equipment overhaul and replacement.

DS PLM system has the ability to store and manage processes and best practices for reuse in future projects. Databases can be replicated and shared.  New information can be added to support operational requiremens.  In cases where new and unproved tasks must be conducted, a digital mockup can be of great value for planning and testing various scenario.

Dassault Systèmes' solution for Ship Maintenance and Operation includes:

  • Systems diagrams
  • Operations and maintenance simulation
  • Hazard and safety assessment
  • Shutdown and turnaround planning
  • Equipment and systems inventories
  • Equipment replacement
  • Engineering document and specifications management

We are sure to acquire a strategic competitive advantage and extend our market position through our decision to implement the shipbuilding solution from IBM and Dassault Systèmes.

Joerg Ackermann Manager IT and Organization, Meyer Werft