Fluid Systems

Dassault Systèmes' Fluid System solution provides a full complement of traditional ship piping and HVAC design functions. System diagrams provide logical process definitions and convey specifications for both piping and HVAC routing. The software allows users to define connections across disciplines. These connections can be analyzed and tracked within the PLM environment, which facilitates tracking of design modifications.

Moving from the basic design, where the main layout is decided, the solution allows the re-use of the block schema. The block schema was defined for the hull structure break-down, but is used at this stage to decide how piping and other system should be spooled, which improves production planning.

Because the basic design is organized in a single view of block assemblies, detailing is highly automated and takes advantage of the knowledge defined and saved in the specification catalogs. In addition, logical diagrams and design rules help automate parts placement and catalog component selection.

Detailed design activities are actually preparation for production because critical manufacturing data for pipe bending and flanging is being captured. This allows designers to spend more time on optimal layouts and reuse practices proven successful on previous projects.

DS PLM can also interface with standard isometric drawing extraction applications, like ISOGEN from Alias. All ship fluid systems follow the same logical breakdown structure as the ship’s structural block plan. Users benefit because final ship assembly sequences that apply to the block also apply to fluid systems. More detailed processes, such as pipe bend simulation, can be conducted to verify whether a given spool can be manufactured or whether adjustment will have to be made before manufacturing of the part will become practical.

Fluid Systems solution includes:

  • Piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID)
  • HVAC diagrams
  • 3D functional design
  • Piping detailed design
  • Piping manufacturing extraction (spool drawing)
  • HVAC detailed design
  • HVAC manufacturing drawing extraction
  • Support and hangers design

With CATIA, drawings are easy to read and that certainly contributes to improvements in fitting performance and productivity.

Hiroshi Tomita Management Staff, System Team, Design Department, Tsu Shipyard, Universal Shipbuilding Corporation