Electrical Systems

Electrical systems on today’s ship have become increasingly complex. Originally a small part of on-board systems, they have evolved into one of the most important systems for integrating communications, navigation, ship operation and control.

DS delivers a unique solution for ship electrical design, with capabilities ranging from simple diagrams to major cable pulls. Depending on the design strategy used by the shipyard, DS' Electrical Systems solution supports designs that use ladders and cable trays, as well as direct routing through hangers when space is limited. Specialized waveguides, required on Navy vessels, are also integrated into the Electrical Systems solution.

Leveraging the integration with EDSA electrical simulation application, the Electrical Systems solution allows electrical designers to simulate short circuits and manage load capacities. By using its network of diagrams, users can manage and route very large network of cables using a dedicated cable database implementation. Cables are routed as the realization of the logical design in the diagram, taking the pathway of 3D hanger layout into account. The ability to maintain the cable data in the same PLM environment as the rest of the design data provides unique integration.

To support the assembly of ship blocks, trays and hangers can be structured within the same assembly structure as the rest of the physical parts, allowing more pre-outfitting.  For actual cable pulls, cable lists can be produced from the PLM environment to support the work instructions.

Dassault Systèmes' solution for Ship Electrical Systems includes:

  • Electrical schematic diagram
  • 3D cableway layout
  • Detailed design with ladder, trays or hangers
  • Cable and wire routing
  • DPM assembly
  • Waveguide design
  • Work instruction extraction (cable lists)
  • Waveguides