Ship Accomodation and Outfit

Dassault Systèmes (DS) has a strong background and long history of customer successes.  Mechanical CAD is important in the design of cruise and Navy ships, but is growing in importance for commercial shipbuilding and the offshore industry as the demand for flexibility continues to increase.

Thanks in large part to its strong history in industries such as automotive and industrial products, DS supports a large range of CAD translators and industry exchange standards, including STEP and IGES. This makes design re-use easier than if the software had been designed exclusively for shipbuilding and offshore industries.

Dassault Systèmes (DS)' Ship Accommodation and Outfit solution is designed for the shipbuilders and their suppliers to engage in highly collaborative process of ship outfitting activities.  Some shipyards have the need to design and produce not only the ship, but some of the equipment used on the ship.  For those yards the benefit of DS PLM is especially high, as they can design multiple products while supporting only one global PLM environment.  This reduces both the cost of maintaining and operating the system, but also training the workforce as designers need to learn just one user interface and toolset, regardless of the discipline. 

In mechanical design, where forged and machined parts must be produced, DS PLM manages manufacturing processes, including workflow, equipment optimization, stock management and NC programming.

Ship Accommodation and Outfit solution includes:

  • 2D layout for 3D designers
  • Assembly and part design
  • Surface and shape modeling
  • Sheet metal design and production
  • Composite design and production
  • DPM machining, NC milling and lathe machining
  • Manufacturing drawing generation

Previously, it took almost ten years to train an experienced designer. These days with CATIA, a newcomer in his or her early twenties can be up to speed in a year or two.

Nobutaka Umeyama Manager of Hull Outfitting Design Section, Design Department, Tsu Shipyard, Universal Shipbuilding Corporation