Build For Sea

Optimize execution of your manufacturing operations

To maintain their competitive advantage, shipyards must improve their manufacturing capacity and productivity when building larger, more sophisticated vessels of the highest quality. They need help from technology to implement more agile multi-discipline operations in order to reach the best result and make sure that the arrival of a new project has minimal disruptive impact on the yard’s overall workload and planning. In parallel, they must ensure compliance with safety and environmental regulations as well as certification standards. Finally, in an industry strained by a retiring workforce and high turnover, they need stability by capturing knowledge of skilled, experienced personnel in order to reuse this wealth of information to boost overall productivity.

Because shipyards manage concurrent projects at any one time, they need to orchestrate their production activities on a global scale. Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the Build For Sea Industry Solution Experience enables shipyards to incorporate the construction of a ship into their overall production environment. Transitioning from infinite to finite capacity mode requires master production scheduling, capacity planning, production simulation and optimization, as well as production workflow and resource management. 

With Build For Sea, production, supply chain and planning executives have a single source of information based on the shipyard master schedule and accurate dashboards to manage all multi-disciplinary aspects of construction execution and promote seamless collaboration between manufacturing stakeholders. There is full digital continuity and traceability, from engineering, production planning and simulation to actual construction with inventory, material flow, time and labor management. Shipyards can apply advanced lean manufacturing principles to eliminate bottlenecks and achieve operational improvements. They can monitor production execution to ensure that work orders, which are performed in globally distributed locations, are properly tracked and managed. Moreover, human and machine resources can be used to their full capacity. Build For Sea analytics capabilities produce KPIs to better understand exceptions and highlight deviations with respect to lean manufacturing principles, allowing manufacturing planners to quickly and easily adjust schedules to improve shipyard performance.

Discover the benefits of Build For Sea:

  • Improve quality while reducing costs by transforming to digital shipyard
  • Dynamically update planning using a rule-based system to optimize schedules
  • Mitigate costs, lag time, delays and penalties by applying lean manufacturing principles
  • Optimize resource utilization and increase production capacity
  • Accommodate for new business through simulation tools to modify yard layout with the least disruptive impact
  • Reduce conflicts and production errors through better information sharing between stakeholders
  • Reinforce “green” reputation thanks to improved compliance with environmental regulations
  • Display build status in real time using intuitive dashboards