Optimize your laboratories
and leverage knowledge to
improve time to market

Integrating and standardizing data, resources and processes in research, development and quality labs to improve operational excellence, collaboration and time-to-market.

Today’s Life Sciences industry is facing major challenges like patent expirations and low R&D productivity, increasing competition globally and decreasing margins, as well as non-optimized processes and compliance pressure. This results in cost pressure and long cycle times. The laboratory space is contributing to these issues when timely access to information is hindered and data as well as their context is locked in silos when decisions are necessary. Uncertain quality of information creates risk for business critical decisions that need to rely on scientific data that are aggregated from multiple sources and that lack controls to ensure data integrity and quality.  Testing and documentation time and efforts are high due to disrupted processes and are delaying research, product development and the release of finished products and therefore add to increasing cost. Large efforts to maintain compliance documentation creates market and regulatory risks.

A Single Solution for a Unified Laboratory

The Dassault Systèmes ONE Lab industry solution experience integrates people, resources, processes, data and interfaces for improved efficiency and collaboration. ONE Lab provides a standard understanding and usage of laboratory equipment, materials and procedure steps as well as a unified role-based user experience for the lab. It reduces redundant work and provides faster insight to get to the desired outcome.  And it allows for better understanding of the processes and data, providing knowledge to be used empirically or to build and refine models that can be used for future laboratory experimentation and testing. Uniform and complete adherence to scientifically developed processes is necessary for transitions from research to development to commercialization. Integrating laboratory capabilities and applications through a “laboratory” aware foundation improves operational excellence, supports collaboration and helps shorten time-to-market. 

Key Benefits:

  • Design, develop, characterize and release therapeutics more effectively at reduced costs with data driven processes
  • Catalog knowledge of systems and their interactions with possible therapeutics agents to ensure rapid decision making and project advancement
  • Improve collaboration, innovation and decision making through easier exchange of more consistent data and information
  • Increase Right First Time through standardization and improved compliance with procedures and policies supporting quality and regulatory initiatives