License to Cure for Medical Device

Accelerate the delivery of innovative, safe & fully compliant medical devices

License for DMR Change

Companies that fail to incorporate an end-to-end, quality process system throughout the lifecycle of the product increase the threat of compliance risk, cost overruns, and time delays. Many compliance risks are due to traceability gaps coming from legacy paper-based systems, siloed electronic documents, or different versions of software used by the different teams. Engineering and manufacturing collaboration is key to developing high quality products and must work closely together in the early stages of the project.

License for DMR Change helps to improve cross functional design and manufacturing collaboration by sharing views of a common engineering and planning activities. It helps to quickly approve complex changes and evaluate improvements in various change processes.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform enables engineering and manufacturing managers to make more informed design decisions reducing data entry time and manufacturing errors and finding easily updated BOM information.

Key benefits

  • Early collaboration between engineering and manufacturing in initial product design speed up change process
  • Multidiscipline team collaboration on the latest product information
  • Improved regulatory compliance – avoid risk of errors, less time
  • Robust CAPA support and support for all impacted product lines
  • Product Structure IP Capitalization & Reuse