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Speed time to market with higher quality novel therapeutics

Therapeutics Efficacy and Safety

Unifying predictive science and experimental results to accelerate drug innovation design

The Life Sciences Pharmaceuticals industry faces a ‘new normal’ on the path to successful product development. With increasing operational costs, unsustainably high failure rates in development, and resulting poor quality candidates entering clinical phases, the pressure is on the industry to deliver better results that can drive down operational costs while reducing the time to market.

Therapeutics Efficacy and Safety processes accelerate innovation and reduce time to market in early stage pharmaceutical drug discovery and pre-clinical drug development by removing inefficiencies in discovery research. By applying in silico experiments in parallel with physical experimentation as part of an integrated, comprehensive rational drug design approach, researchers can prioritize the most commercially viable and druggable new entities faster.

The Therapeutics Efficacy and Safety process drives down operational costs and reduces time to market by calculating therapeutically relevant end-points, such as biological activity, toxicity, and ADME end-points within key decision support applications to aid design decisions and fast track the most promising candidates early in Discovery Research by enhancing the quality of candidates entering clinical studies.

Key Hightlights and Benefits:

  • Reduce operational costs and speed up time to market with processes that improve efficiency in Discovery Research
  • Fully profile drug molecules at the point of design
  • Progress only the most promising candidates
  • Improve efficiency in Discovery Research
  • Improve the quality of candidates entering clinic