Post Market Sales

Experiencing Product in a Virtual Context

Product maintainability and post-market support is just as important as having the device fully operational from day one.  Medical device manufacturers must take maintainability and customer support aspects into account during product development and provide all necessary information to end users and technical support people to be able to operate and maintain the device with ease.  Using 3D virtual media for training, maintenance and sales processes will make these processes much more efficient.  The benefit of using 3D virtual media is even more apparent when medical device companies are dealing with complex products.

Dassault Systemes (DS)’ solution for Post-Market Sales & Support Phase offers intuitive 3D tools for users to experience a medical device in a virtual context.  Sales representatives can use 3D simulation tool, designed to be easily downloadable on laptops, to generate a 3D virtual operating device and configure the medical space from any position or angle. With various pre-defined configurations available according to specific placement rules, users will also be able to load various standard operating room layouts.  Custom designs models can be built from standard configuration, or from scratch by dragging and dropping 3D models of individual pieces into the 3D operating space.  The interactive 3D simulation can provide leaders of healthcare and life science sectors with unique ways to demonstrate its full range of medical equipment systems to potential customers such as surgical specialists or hospital administrative personnel.  This solution has been used to simulate operating product behavior in various development scenarios, from dental equipment to surgical apparatus and prosthetic development.

DS offers a fully integrated, end-to-end PLM system so that operational and maintenance processes of a medical device are optimized in the design process. Engineers can leverage safety rules and other protection requirements that have been entered into the system to ensure that device operation and maintenance sequence are safe for operators, by including human simulations aspects such as vision, display and motion. As components and the human aspects are included in the planning, operational and maintenance sequences can be optimized for safety, costs and time.   Upon completion of the manufacturing planning, detailed work instructions that include 3D replay of the sequence are transferred to workers to help minimize errors and shorten the learning curve of field personnel.

In many instances, the next product to be released to the market doesn’t come from an entirely new idea but as a result of customer feedbacks on existing products.  This solution provides you with the ability to track post market surveillance such as product complaints and tied it back to the beginning of next product iteration, thus increasing the value delivery cycle to the customers.

DS Solution for Post Market Sales & Support includes:

  • Customer lifelike experience for sales and marketing
  • Sales configurator
  • Training lifelike experience
  • Maintenance lifelike experience
  • Technical publications
  • Recalls and compliant handling

ENOVIA changes our process from a push to a pull system. This switch ensures better communication between all of our operations in the Orthopedics unit. This results in faster turnaround times in the manufacturing process.

Gretchen Rhodes Project Director, Smith & Nephew