New Product Development and Introduction

NPDI (New Product Development and Introduction) starts with the identification of an opportunity in the market and ends with a successful launch of the products.  Many functions within a medical device manufacturers’ organization, from marketing, engineering, finance, to manufacturing and suppliers are involved in this process.  It’s all about defining the product components, optimizing costs and managing all activities needed to bring the product to the right customers at the right time. For many organizations, conducting an NPDI process is difficult because of organizational and information system “silos” prevent effective and collaborative exchanges between key stakeholders to take place.

Dassault Systèmes (DS)' solution for New Product Development and Introduction covers the NPDI process from end to end.  It helps a company build a good product portfolio using standard stage and gate processes to manage ideas and approve successful designs.  It also builds cross functional consensus, where discussion and review of alternatives are conducted effectively and all business aspects have been taken into consideration.  DS' solution provides complete visibility of a project and provides real-time access to project pipelines and data for rapid analysis and decision making.  An NPDI dashboard and swim lane graphical reports provide a view of stage activities by functional responsibilities and project status.  This gives management real-time critical information at once to make strategic decisions. 

This solution also helps coordinate all design control activities needed to commercialize the product.  All documents that are generated during the process of turning requirements into product specification, development of testing procedures, technical review design, risks assessments, and phase review development are assembled into design history file for easy tracking and subsequent audit.  

DS solution for New Product Development and Introduction includes:

  • New product introduction
  • Stage-gate assessment
  • Device history file
  • Product release authorization

Dassault Systèmes' solutions enable us to bring products to market quickly and more reliably by allowing us to focus on the creative aspects of the design, rather than the administrative details.

James Rolfe IT program manager, MEDRAD, 2008