Engineering Design

In order to succeed in an increasingly competitive and highly regulated market, medical device companies need to focus on business design processes and managing intellectual assets effectively across the supply chain.  In addition, product development teams must often draw expertise from such diverse disciplines as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software programming, packaging engineering, etc.   All this contributes to considerable challenges for bringing products to markets successfully and often causes errors and delays in meeting the needs of doctors and patients. 

Product design

Dassault Systemes (DS)’ solution for Engineering Design helps companies handle product design activities and the coordination tasks associated with them.  Our flagship product CATIA provides wide and in-depth coverage of mechanical and electrical design.  One of the key challenges of the product design-to-production process lies in making sure that the parts designed are suitable for manufacturing.  With our advanced knowledge management capabilities, manufacturing specifications are captured and embedded in intelligent templates and introduced early in the design process.  This enables designers to explore a wide variety of sophisticated conceptual design proposals while simultaneously integrating downstream technical constraints. Due to the growing content of electronic and software components inside of modern medical equipments, we also support a large range of CAD translators and industry exchange standards to import data from 3rd party EDA (Electronic Design Automation) and software design systems. 

DS' solution also manages all of the elements of a Life Sciences company’s QSR (Quality System Regulation) and ISO-regulated design control data within a single, integrated system. This includes product data such as mechanical and electrical Bills-of-Material (BOMs), CAD models, configurations and related documentation such as drawings, specifications, procedures and quality standards. It also provides a mechanism to gather all information related to products and parts as they are collected and processed throughout other process areas of the PLM system. At the same time, it provides full audit trails and powerful authentication controls for compliance to international electronic record and electronic signature regulations. 

DS Solution for Engineering Design includes:

  • Mechanical design (MCAD) authoring
  • Electrical design (ECAD) authoring
  • Electronic design (EDA) integration
  • Software design (CASE) integration
  • Labeling & Artwork design integration
  • Product structure (xBOM) authoring and data federation
  • Multi-CAD (xCAD) support
  • Device master record
  • Virtual design collaboration

With CATIA, our engineers can pay more attention to being creative and implementing new ideas. We can handle more orders. This not only makes our customers happy, but our management as well.

Dawid Drapacz Deputy Head, Production Department, Pol-Eko-Aparatura