Concept and feasibility

With more than 80% of the costs that are designed into a product locked during concept development, concept and feasibility phase has the most significant impact on the overall profitability of a new initiative.

Dassault Systèmes (DS)' solution for the Concept and Feasibility phase enables medical device product development stakeholders -- from marketing, design, R&D, manufacturing planning, critical suppliers to end users --  to define a new product in a collaborative manner.  We provide a front end visibility early in the development cycle, allowing product design to be linked with the market forecasts, technology roadmaps, and customer needs that drove the requirement.  Using DS solution, the product ideation team can create and manage concept projects through templates with specific deliverables.  After selecting the concept that has the most market potential, the project can then be converted into detailed execution in a full fledged development program that includes project resource, cost estimation, and margin analysis

DS' robust requirement management capabilities promote collaboration between product managers and technical teams while capturing and processing the voice of customer.  This enable product to be validated against customer needs along all stages of product development.  Based on the list of candidate requirements, engineering can establish a proposed list of features which represents the customer’s view of the product capabilities prior to the availability of the actual technical solution.  This gives engineers the ability to define product architectures in the absence of the physical parts and product managers to define, manage and monitor global product portfolios

To increase product adaptability, life sciences organization often times seek advice from prominent researchers and practitioners in the medical community.  Effective communication between product designers, production managers and the opinion leaders is key to product success.  In an industry where people have been relying on miniature, wooden models to show how a product looks like, DS' interactive 3D simulation tools provide a fresh new approach to showcasing details of product designs and functions.  Thanks to an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, a medical space or equipment can be modeled easily from any position or angle.  Custom designs models can be built from standard configuration or from scratch by drag-and-dropping 3D models of individual medical equipment pieces from a 3D library into the 3D operating space.  Analysis of ergonomics or simulation of patient interaction with the virtual product will help optimize the design and product configuration as early in the development as possible.

DS Solution for Medical Device Concept & Feasibility Phase includes:

  • Customer needs management
  • Customer lifelike experience feedback
  • Product portfolio management
  • Product marketing strategy

With ENOVIA's help,we’re now more efficient, faster and more responsive to the marketplace.

Geoff Cooper Sunrise Medical, Chief Information Officer