Value Creation Process for Medical Device

Escalating operating costs, increased regulatory risk, internal organizational and information silos, all of the external and internal pressures a medical device company faces day in and day out can be relieved through the use of a collaborative 3DEXPERIENCE Platform solution.

Dassault Systèmes’ fully integrated, enterprise-wide medical device lifecycle management solutions promote business agility and operational efficiency.  Moreover, the free exchange of information across functional groups allows a medical device company to leverage information to its own advantage.

Opportunity/Risk Analysis
Project Definition
Concept and Feasibility
Initial Design Acceptance
Design and Development
Formal Design Acceptance
Product Launch preparation
Product launch
Post market surveillance
End of Sales

Highlights and Benefits of 3DS Medical Device Solutions:

  • Speed compliance process by integrating regulations such as UDI into product development (design for compliance) and e-submission.
  • Increase business agility by streamlining design collaboration and managing team activities to be in line with project goals and user requirements.
  • Reduce time to market through one cohesive solution that allows collaboration of design information and visibility into the complete product development process. 
  • Develop strategic suppliers and partners by bringing together supplier quality history into the sourcing process.
  • Balance speed versus control by improving common enterprise processes, then track and measure those processes as a basis for improvement
  • Meet customer needs by maintaining traceability from ideation to commercialization and obsolescence
  • Drive material costs down by publishing material specifications across brands, regions and categories to create efficient procurement processes.
  • Achieve cost savings through lean and efficient re-use of Intellectual Property (IP).
  • Enable design and manufacturing outsourcing by creating a centrally managed global virtual work teams and using a single repository to store all product information throughout their life cycle.