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Proactive Total Quality: Medical Device Companies’ Imperative to Thrive


How do I leverage quality as an asset, not a constraint?

Regulatory agencies are demanding increasing transparency and evidence on safety from medical devices makers. This is driving a transformation from documents to data-driven, model-based product management, which encompasses the entire value chain and includes patient data.

A transformation is needed to provide medical device manufacturers with the required traceability, quality and regulatory compliance while eliminating non-value-added activities (EU MDR, UDI, ISO, FDA Case for Quality, 21 CFR part 11….). Data-driven predictive quality helps companies not only to avoid compliance risk, but to also reduce waste and deliver unmatched quality, safety and efficacy.

Otto Bock Healthcare Products GMBH

The company chose Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform, including CATIA Imagine & Shape to help optimize the surface design of its prostheses.


How do I improve comfort and usage for the end-user healthy citizen, patient, physician?

Medical device manufacturers are at the forefront to deliver superior personalized, patient-centric experiences that improve patient health and wellbeing. This shift in innovation often combines therapies, medical technologies as well as processes that support patients and their ecosystem. Managing such complexity in fast changing environments requires systems thinking which leverages data and models.
The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform allows medical device manufacturers to connect voice-of-the patient data with an end-to-end virtual experience for accelerated collaborative innovation, leveraging life-like, multi-scale and multi-physics models and simulation.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform along with CATIA Imagine & Shape provided Otto Bock the ability to design their prostheses to be as natural as possible.

Michael Kornfeind
Michael Kornfeind
Head of Mechanical R&D 2 Otto Bock Healthcare Products GmbH

Osstem implant

The company adopted the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and its License to Cure for Medical Device industry solution experience to accelerate the delivery of innovative, safe, and fully-compliant medical devices.


How can I share, improve, and extend knowledge and know-how across my ecosystem?

Medical device companies are operating in an increasingly connected world, which requires seamless collaboration between different departments internally and numerous providers and partners across the value network. Today, knowledge is not shared, but exchanged in documents, which introduces quality risks, delays and stifles innovation.
A shared data-driven, model-based platform accelerates product development and the creation of truly innovative products and services which puts the patients and their wellbeing at the center. With this approach, manufacturing and supply is agile and responsive delivered by a connected value networks leveraging global best practices locally.

We selected Dassault Systèmes’ ‘License to Cure for Medical Device’ to help us better manage regulatory activities and new product development as we expand internationally and must meet different market requirements.

Tae-Yong Kim > Dassault Systèmes
Tae-Yong KIM
Head of Information System Management Team, Osstem Implant

Virtual Twin Experience for Operations

Digitally transform manufacturing in Life Science through the Virtual Twin Experience


How do I improve agility and productivity across design, manufacturing and logistics?

Leaders in the medical device industry are continually improving not only the development, but also manufacturing and services of their devices and equipment to deliver efficiency, quality and performance. Virtual twin experiences are key enablers to connect and optimize all product related processes, connecting patients to every other stakeholder working to improve their wellbeing and health.
With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s digital manufacturing and services - planning and execution solutions, medical device companies can synchronize global networks, deliver agile manufacturing and planning operations, gain real-time visibility and optimized services, and ultimately boost their agility and the performance of their global manufacturing operations to produce high-quality medical devices.

Innovation has Become the Mantra for Success for Medical Device Manufacturers

The medical device manufacturing industry is growing at an incredible pace while undergoing significant changes. 

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