Online Virtual Equipment Yard

Encourage online sales with digital marketing configurators

In an omni-channel environment, customers have more purchasing choices than ever before. Digital technologies have rendered the Internet more attractive and more accessible to millions of potential buyers. Industrial equipment brands need to integrate this dimension in their marketing mix and provide customers with a window into their product offering on line to increase business potential.

With Online Showcasing industrial equipment companies can replace physical stock with 3D digital photorealistic images generated using original 3D product data. Brands can showcase their entire line with stunning visual quality. Online Showcasing features a visual web configurator that allows brands to present all possible combinations of variants as well as pricing or performance characteristics.  Products are displayed depending on available inventory and deliveries can be quoted based on realistic lead times.

Customers can configure their products via a mobile app or website to create their own unique variations. With powerful rendering technology such as OpenGL, Raytracing, and Global Illumination, they can virtually see their products come to life with the touch of a finger, selecting colors, options, rotating the equipment to see it from all sides, and even choosing backgrounds for a more realistic view. Online Showcasing generates high-quality images that are suited for web display, reducing the risk of long page-loading times. This helps ensure a fast and smooth customer experience on any device.

Key capabilities and benefits:


  • Experience products with the highest visual quality suited for web or mobile devices
  • Brands showcase their entire product line by replacing physical stock with 3D images
  • OpenGL, Raytracing, Global Illumination technology for a more realistic display