In an experience-oriented economy, industrial equipment manufacturers are all asking themselves the same question: how can we deliver the best experiences to our customers? In the past, brands only needed to provide reliable products at the right price. Then customers demanded longevity and began evaluating the total cost of ownership and how to extend the life of their equipment. Brands that provided reliable maintenance and a way to easily procure spare parts won their business. Brand loyalty then came into play where customers weighed the risk of buying from a brand they did not know against staying with the one they have been doing business with for years.  Diversity or the ability to tailor products to customer preferences eventually became a buying criteria as well. This was soon complemented by innovation: “is the company innovative? Does it continue to surprise me”?  Today, in addition to these criteria, brands must also successfully engage with their customers and provide them with the best buying experience.  Through compelling and beautifully-crafted marketing visuals across all customer touch points - in the showroom, on the web, during trade shows, or on just about any advertising venue - brands can continue to win new business by transforming a promotional event into a customer purchase.

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Virtual Equipment Yard industry solution experience for the industrial equipment industry delivers stunning B2B and B2C sales and marketing materials, tools, and event experiences. Manufacturers of heavy mobile and manufacturing machinery, installed equipment, industrial equipment products, and tire manufacturing equipment, benefit from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s unique source of information and high-end 3D visualization technology to automatically transform existing 3D geometry into quality, digital promotional assets for all their product lines. Marketing and sales organizations can ensure brand consistency and deploy their messages across all communication channels, devices, and local markets.

With media content created with Virtual Equipment Yard, companies can engage with their customers at different stages of the product development process, from early concept to product launch, helping to increase purchasing opportunities along the way. This industry solution experience improves the speed, quality and reach of a brand’s promotional activities by generating a wide variety of assets that include vivid, breathtaking images for advertising campaigns, eye-catching animations for trade shows, and promotional assets tailored for the web. Virtual Equipment Yard links these assets with existing configurators, rules and pricing engines for a more fluid buying experience at the point of sale. This industry solution experience helps brands spark a positive emotional response from customers that can lead to more business.

Discover the values of Virtual Equipment Yard:


  • Intelligent marketing asset creation tools for advertising campaigns
  • True-to-life product visualizations and stunning computer-generated imagery
  • Point of purchase and web configurators
  • Real-time interactive product experiences on the web or at live events