Single Mold & Tooling Source

Simplify Mold and Tooling Engineering from 3D Design

The manufacturability of industrial equipment highly depends on the quality of the tooling. Industrial Equipment companies or their tooling suppliers ensure productivity gains and higher product quality with right first time tooling design and production. Tools and molds must be error-free so companies need to make modifications early to avoid costly late-stage production re-dos. By providing the best quality at the right cost in a timely manner, companies are more competitive.

With Single Mold and Tooling Source, based on the integrated 3DEXPERIENCE platform, your job is made easier because you have one integrated solution from part design to tooling manufacture. You work directly from the 3D product data to design and produce precise and quality molds and tooling. Multiple manufacturing processes including casting, forging, molding, forming, stamping, punching and rolling are covered. With Single Mold and Tooling Source, you have automated tools to anticipate and check manufacturing compliance and can make adjustments quickly to meet production schedules. Your company's know-how is capitalized for future re-use, lowering your total cost of ownership.

Key capabilities and benefits:

  • Increased productivity with automatic tooling creation from 3D part design.
  • Tooling automatically updated when part is modified.
  • Corporate IP is capitalized for future re-use.
  • Integrated design to tooling solution for a lower total cost of ownership.