Single Immersive Source

Immersive 1:1 scale product review

For designers and engineers, it’s difficult to view an entire product, especially when dealing with huge equipment that has thousands of parts. However, the advent of VR technology is providing a new immersive design experience that not only allows you conduct a full product review, but identify errors or clashes between parts before the manufacturing process.

Single Immersive Source enables your teams to collaboratively conduct real-time design reviews on complex products in a single immersive environment to improve quality and reduce errors. Accelerate product development with 1:1 scale product visualization that provides a spatial impression of product design and the ability to track stereoscopic rendering for natural movement.

With an immersive environment all stakeholders can collaborate in real-time and perform design reviews with high fidelity renderings (CAVE/COVE or HMD).

Single Immersive Source provides immersive capabilities for 3D CAD apps using NRE and supports a wide range of VR technologies (from entry level to high-end systems) and HTC Vive.

Discover the immersive experience of Single Immersive Source and work without limits to master end-to-end processes, prevent defects and improve qualityCreate and design future machines and equipment that perfectly match customer expectations in a real-time digital environment. 

Key capabilities and benefits:

  • Immersive 1:1 scale product visualization of the entire product
  • Conduct product design reviews of the entire equipment in real time
  • Track stereoscopic rendering for natural movement
  • Collaborate and design in a full scale immersive environment
  • Improve quality and reduce errors and clashes before the manufacturing process