Simple Solution Selection

Accelerate offer generation and execution from a larger portfolio while decreasing the number of parts

Designing and producing products that are very similar, but not exactly the same, every time you have a customer order is very time consuming and costly. It also slows down the product development process, prevents the opportunity to enhance the product portfolio and can even hinder order fulfillment procedures.

Customers are looking for flexible machines that are connected, efficient and support a wide range of products using a reduced number of parts.  

Simple Solution Selection is an Industry Solution Experience powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform that enables Industrial Equipment companies to quickly and accurately respond to customer demands with a diverse product portfolio and an optimized quotation process.

With a modular approach, manufacturers can reorganize and rethink the way products are developed by using common and interchangeable modules with predefined variants. This flexible system uses a decreased number of managed parts, which in turn helps keep the costs of design and production down. The unique configuration engine optimizes and speeds up the quotation process.

Simple Solution Selection helps Industrial Equipment companies manage product complexity, improve product development and order fulfillment procedures throughout the product lifecycle.

Discover the values of Simple Solution Selection:

  • Design new equipment using modular architecture
  • Optimize and get cost efficient production
  • Increased product portfolio with part number reduction
  • Lower component cost
  • Increased volumes
  • Improved time to market
  • Agile and quick quotation time