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Qualified Intelligence

The ability to analyze a huge quantity of testing data leads to better decision-making yet without proper post-processing, it is impossible to analyze trade-offs and effectively explore “what if” scenarios. Companies need efficient analysis tools to process information regardless of whether their data is generated from simulation or physical testing. They need to match requirements with design feasibility tradeoffs to find the optimal solution.

Qualified Intelligence delivers results analytics techniques to post-process, visualize and analyze trade-offs of large datasets. Accessible on the web, Qualified Intelligence allows users to access their data anytime, anywhere. They can post-process, filter, score and rank design alternatives based on objectives. As these objectives are modified, designs automatically score and re-rank helping to converge on the optimal design, which can then be shared with project stakeholders. Simulation and physical test results can be compared eventually helping to eliminate expensive and time-consuming physical testing that produces the same results as simulation. They can then capitalize this information in rule-based templates for future reference. Companies have access to a corporate library of deployed simulation methods. They also have a unique environment to store and retrieve all their simulation studies: the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, making data redundancy and loss of information a thing of the past. As everything is in the same system, it is easy to correlate multi-disciplinary testing data to drive conclusions and establish trends and to embed this knowledge in rules for later re-use.

Key capabilities and benefits:

  • Analyze effects and tradeoffs of design changes
  • Efficiently assess large sets of data
  • Predict optimal solution and future trends
  • 3D visual analytics
  • Decisions are based on verifiable facts
  • Create “predictive” models
  • Integrated solution