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Qualified Execution

Effective qualification requires defining the most appropriate product testing or simulation strategy and executing this strategy with a predefined methodology. Yet the use of diverse and heterogeneous analysis tools, which include niche and in-house software, and absence of corporate best practices, make defining and deploying reusable qualification processes challenging if not altogether impossible. Companies need a flexible testing process across their global ecosystem that they can adapt and reuse as they move forward with product development.

With Qualified Execution, companies can automate and shorten testing execution by reusing qualification methodologies stored in the database as simulation templates. This reduces error-prone tasks and overall qualification cycle time. Templates can be generated using drag-and-drop authoring features for faster and more intuitive creation. Qualification processes can combine automatic and manual workflows to accommodate for the way companies really work. They have the flexibility to define the most suitable qualification strategy allowing them to adapt to a variety of testing criteria. Engineers can gather test results, organize them in specific report views, display them using graphics and analyze them to determine trends and draw conclusions. They can also group results from multiple tests, even those coming from third-party software, and include them in a design, verification plan & report. Since processes are capitalized in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, organizations have traceability for future decision-making.

Key capabilities and benefits:

  • Define easy to apply re-useable test processes
  • Automate and streamline test execution steps
  • Gather and record test results and automate ‘non-value added’ tasks
  • Combine multiple test results and include report in the Design Verification Plan and Report (DVP&R)
  • Leading edge technology for Experimental Design, Optimization and Surrogate Modeling
  • Perform impact analysis to determine resulting qualification process when input variables change