The 4th Industrial Revolution: Opportunity and Imperative

Game-changing technologies accelerate innovation

Grow your business by leveraging digital technologies

Globally-distributed industrial equipment manufacturers must continuously increase their awareness of how their operations are running on a daily basis. Communication and real-time information-sharing help organizations make better-informed decisions that can mean the difference between being a leader and being a follower.

IDC Manufacturing Insights outlines the principles that companies must abide by to achieve their full business potential:

·         Connecting global stakeholders requires greater standardization

·         Adopting virtualization to provide real-time access to process and product information

·         Decentralizing intelligence by relying on the Internet of Things and machine-to-machine communication to improve companies’ ability to make local decisions while maintaining centralized control and traceability

·         Analyzing machine and plant performance in real time to allow companies to react quickly to make process improvements

·         Adopting a service-oriented approach to manufacturing to increase agility when faced with late-stage customer requirement changes

·         Leveraging the power of modularity to build new products using standard components to accelerate new product introduction

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