Any Product, Any Plant Operations

Drive the production in plants, ensure materials synchronization

Industrial Equipment companies face a variety of production scenarios during actual production, from series to tailored “order of one” products manufactured to customer specification. They need flexibility to go from one to the other and real-time visibility and control into plants and supplier operations to analyze and improve performance on a global and local scale. With visibility comes intelligence and traceability of tasks and resource utilization.

Any Product, Any Plant addresses Manufacturing Operations Management and provides a unified approach to managing and synchronizing their global manufacturing operations. Industrial Equipment companies can manage high-volume series component manufacturing or low volume “order of one” production with a flexible infrastructure that quickly adapts to changing production situations and schedules while improving equipment utilization.

Material synchronization uniformly aligns raw materials, components and semi-finished goods with production, quality inspection and equipment maintenance processes to reduce inventory while increasing production throughput.

Any Product, Any Plant provides the digital continuity to drive speed and agility within and across virtual and physical environments through process-enabled IoT / OT integration, synchronized exchange of virtual product and process models with real-time results and 3D-enabled visualization of operator aides.

Key capabilities and benefits:

  • Increase production throughput by 25%
  • Improved overall equipment effetiveness of 22% in a core machining area
  • Reduce inventory by more than 25%
  • Order of one and series production flexibility
  • Digital work instructions and processes for true paperless manufacturing
  • Material synchronization for increased machine effectiveness