In order to meet market requirements for customized, on demand products and services, Industrial Equipment companies are transforming to a flexible and smart business model. This new era of smart manufacturing brings new economies of scale by synchronizing machine intelligence, human ingenuity and agile production processes across multiple sites to manufacture any product, anywhere.

At Dassault Systèmes, we believe that Industrial Equipment companies using a socially collaborative business platform are able to respond efficiently to fluctuating market demands by manufacturing diverse products in a holistically connected ecosystem that ensures business sustainability and profitability.

Ready to Make is a unique Industry Solution Experience powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform that delivers optimized planning, Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), and a virtual environment to engineer processes for continuous improvement to address complex global and local manufacturing challenges. 

Industrial Equipment companies can digitally plan and drive production with full traceability and the ability to share and reuse best practices across multiple sites. Even the most complex manufacturing logistics can be optimized for reduced inventory-related costs, increased machine effectiveness and higher overall throughput.

Ready to Make synchronizes production worldwide and allows manufacturing companies to become smarter and more flexible, with the agility to respond efficiently and quickly to changing market needs or supply chain disruption. 

Discover the values of Ready to Make:

  • Increase forecast accuracy and sales revenue
  • Increase on-time delivery 
  • Reduction of non quality costs
  • Increase manufacturing engineering efficiency
  • Efficiently manage "order of one" manufacturing
  • Reported inventory reductions of more than 25%
  • Reported equipment effectiveness of more than 22% and production throughput gains of more than 25%
  • Drive continuous improvement and best practice deployment on a global scale