Keep Them Running

Minimized downtime and maximized performance

Manufacturers need to keep their operations running smoothly in order to remain sustainable and satisfy customer demands. Every minute the machine is running, translates into additional revenue for the Industrial Equipment manufacturer. In addition to quality products, they need to ensure their equipment receives swift and affordable servicing to maintain their equipment in top operating condition.

Keep Them Running is an Industry Solution Experience powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform that places service at the forefront of industrial equipment development. Manufacturers can increase revenue by developing new service offerings where revenue is based on machine output or machine uptime. By incorporating servicing requirements in the design, machines will be faster and easier to maintain, and keep downtime to a minimum.

End-to-end digital continuity allows manufacturers to ensure service operations are accounted for at the earliest design stages, and that maintenance instructions are clear, tailored to a customer’s installation and always up to date. The digital “as-running” view helps rationalize maintenance interventions and track every operation performed throughout the equipment’s lifecycle. This level of tailored service delivers predictive maintenance to reduce equipment downtime and boost operating performance, resulting in satisfied customers.

With Keep Them Running, companies can ensure that industrial equipment is designed to be maintenance-friendly, helping to reduce downtime that can jeopardize customers’ operating capacity.

Discover the values of Keep Them Running:

  • Improved efficiency with design-for-service approach
  • Increased revenue opportunities with Product-as-a-Service
  • Accelerated documentation creation in a virtual environment
  • Reduced time to market
  • Improved efficiency, safety and reduces service delivery costs
  • Up-to-date digital instructions and animated maintenance sequences  
  • Tailored maintenance plans for each customer