Installed Equipment

Delivering safe and comfortable installed equipment

Design and produce smarter and efficient equipment for comfort and safety

When it comes to lifts, escalators and conveyors, end user comfort and safety are essential. That’s why OEMs that sell installed equipment pay particular attention to design, compliance to standards and equipment efficiency.

OEMs that sell installed equipment must configure them so that they fit the environment they will function in. They need to respond to the specific demands of customers who expect elevators capable of climbing skyscrapers fast, flat escalators to equip train stations and airports, and conveyors of a specific size.

Installed equipment suppliers face other challenges such as the need to deliver smarter and more efficient equipment. This means integrating mechanical and electrical systems that enhance a machine’s features and functions and that can easily be configured depending on customer preferences.

Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE solutions help installed equipment companies deliver smarter and more efficient equipment, integrating electrical systems that enhance machines’ features and functions.

With our Industry Solution Experiences, installed equipment suppliers can overcome these challenges and provide their customers with all the comfort and safety they deserve.