Industrial Manufacturing Machinery

Delivering smart and integrated production lines

“All in one” equipment that covers the entire production process

The global economic crisis puts continuous pressure on OEMs to sell their equipment and still make a profit. Faced with increased competition, they struggle to achieve a 5% margin when in the past it was more like 20%.

In a production environment, single-function machines are being replaced by “all-in-one” equipment that covers the entire production process. To win more deals, manufacturers need to propose smarter and more flexible machines than their competitors. This can lead to increasing the diversity of their offering to attract more business. But how can they remain competitive when increasing their product portfolio increases the cost of managing a higher number of parts?

With Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE solutions, Industrial Equipment companies of all sizes can produce machines tailored to customers’ needs and implement a competitive and robust spare parts management process throughout their global organizations

Implementing a “smart object, smart product, smart plant” approach enables OEMs to stand out from the crowd by changing their business model and focusing more on value-added services. It is an opportunity to achieve profit margins of up to 90%.