Equipment Intelligence

Efficient decision-making based on real-time analytics

Transforming knowledge into actionable insights

Augmented reality, Industrial Internet of Things and Big Data are some of the new trends Industrial Equipment companies can incorporate during equipment development and servicing. However, these new advantages can also create information diversity, especially when you have globally dispersed teams.

In today’s digitally-connected workplace, where a barrage of data can overwhelm industrial equipment organizations and create confusion and inefficiencies, the key to boosting operational performance lies with improving access to and analysis of this wealth of information.

The Equipment Intelligence 3DEXPERIENCE® solution provides Industrial Equipment companies with quick and efficient access to up-to-date and trustworthy data from multiple, heterogeneous sources including data generated by equipment. Thanks to Dassault Systèmes’ analytics technology that uses business logic analysis of complex product structures and data models, pertinent engineering information is revealed, measured, analyzed and displayed in user-customized dashboards.

Companies can efficiently manage changes, track issues, and effectively reuse existing knowledge made more accessible to accelerate innovation, thereby creating new business opportunities that will propel their organizations to the next level. 

Discover the values of Equipment Intelligence

  • Improve decision-making with contextual and accurate equipment engineering project information in real time
  • Boost product quality throughout its lifecycle by revealing issues and enabling the appropriate corrective action
  • Improve collaboration and accelerate time-to-market through a unified view of heterogeneous and legacy systems