Systems Engineering

Industrial Equipment products continue to increase in complexity and sophistication. They involve multiple engineering disciplines and increasingly use embedded systems to replace or augment traditional mechanical functionality. Ensuring that product performance meets customer and regulatory requirements, before product launch, is a massive challenge.  In order to reduce product development times, organizations need to integrate, visualize and simulate the full virtual product, including the mechanical, fluid, electrical and embedded control systems.

The Dassault Systèmes (DS)' solution for Systems Engineering allows integrating multiple engineering domains within a single design environment to provide a holistic view of an entire product and its behavior. The open Modelica modeling language can be used to model and simulate the behavior of multi-disciplinary systems or sub-systems. The availability of ready-to-use model libraries e.g. mechanics, fluidics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical, etc., and the model structure based on components (including 3D and their behavior), significantly increase development speed, quality and understanding of a systems behavior. Similarly, state logic behavior can be modeled and simulated,   with full source code generation capabilities being available from the model. The V6 virtual execution platform enables engineers to execute and analyze system models, mixing dynamic and state logic behaviors. Having the ability to ‘tune’ the system parameters, and performing 3D motion studies of components and systems, early in the design process reduces the need for physical prototype.

The unique DS RFLP approach enables full traceability during product development, from Requirements, to Functional design (targeted services), to Logical design (technology) and through to Physical design (implementation). During the logical design of the technological solutions, system architects can collaborate with contributors from diverse discipline to model and accurately simulate the behavior of the complex system as a whole. 

Systems Engineering Solution includes:

  • Requirements Engineering
  • Systems Functional & Architecture Design
  • Systems Modeling Solutions & Library
  • Embedded Systems & Software
  • Systems Functional Safety & Failure Analysis

IBM-DS PLM solutions foster innovation. They give engineers powerful tools to express their ideas and free them from tedious, repetitive tasks so they can focus on creation

Lars Peder Hansen Senior Systems Consultant, Grundfos