Structure and Body Design

Industrial product / equipment engineers often must design and build structures around their heavy equipments, particularly in the industrial manufacturing machinery and installed equipment segments.  Designing and coordinating the construction of these structures and associated equipments is one of the most important considerations in overall product design.  Unlike other generic CAD solutions in the market, Dassault Systèmes (DS)’ solution has been developed in cooperation with leading engineering companies to ensure support of standard methods and practices that meet the requirements of engineering and classification societies.

Dassault Systèmes (DS)' solution for Structure and Body Design provides industrial product / equipment manufacturers with intelligent templates that allow designers to capture and re-use knowledge and design intent to greatly reduce design time.  DS' solution supports a smooth transition from general arrangement (the output of the project development phase) to basic or class design, where rules and strength calculations are performed.  Finite element analysis can be carried out with CATIA, SIMULIA or other commercially available solvers.  Knowledge templates automate difficult design cases while maintaining associativity with project specifications.  Not all structural details are standard so our solution provides efficient interactive tools to create individual details that still carry the full spec-driven implementation.  Copy and paste functionality makes it easier to reuse existing design components to rapidly complete the detailing. During the detailing stage, additional data is produced to represent the different stages of each part.  These stages can include variables such as special plate profile or beam cutting. For non-traditional steel work, an interface to ALMA is provided where nesting and specialty plate steel cutting can be performed.


For more information on processes associated with body design for heavy mobile machinery, please visit the Automotive PLM Solution site.

Structure and Body Design solution includes:

  • General steel frame layout
  • Structural foundation and secondary structure
  • Steel frame structure detailed design
  • Special section structure lofting, including template creation
  • Construction assembly simulation
  • ALMA integration for nesting and steel cutting

As an engineering manager, I have to switch rapidly between multiple problems. With DS PLM, I have a better understanding of each technical issue as it arises, which helps me to control the entire engineering process more effectively.

Martin Schmeink Engineering Manager, Automotive Business Unit, Schuler