Quality Management

As environmental and health concerns continue to grow in society, governmental pressure on manufacturing companies to adopt “Eco-Design” practices is expected to increase.  Eco-Design involves integrating environmental considerations into product development, maintenance, and disposal.  Even though many product families and market segments have been exempt from the hazardous substance mandates in Europe, California, China, and Korea over the past few years, the new REACH (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals) regulation in Europe has brought material compliance to the forefront of every company’s business requirements. 

Industrial equipment companies operating globally must consider regulatory compliance as a matter of utmost importance.  A failure to comply with the requirements can result in launch delays, recalls, fines, poor customer satisfaction, and damaged public image.  Reactive approach to environmental regulations where compliance reporting and analysis is done late does not provide accessibility to compliance requirements in the early phases of the product lifecycle.  The result in many cases is the need for expensive late-stage design changes.

Dassault Systèmes (DS)' solution for Quality Management enables Industrial Equipment manufacturers to implement “Design for Compliance” functions as an integral part of their product development process.  With our solution, your product development team can check material content information from any design view from the early stages of the product development lifecycle.  Reports can be generated to compare the compliance of manufacturing equivalents, list recyclable content or evaluate best and worst manufacturing locations.  This information can be cross-referenced against multiple regulations in all geographies, allowing designers to make changes as early as possible at the lowest possible cost. 

Your component suppliers can be incorporated into the material compliance evaluation process to ensure that the component library contains the most current material compositions and REACH certifications.  This provides critical information to designers when making choices based on customer and market requirements.  DS' solution enables you to deliver innovative and environmentally compliant products that meet market demands.  It also helps you manage virtual as well as physical test results and track quality improvements of your products.

Quality Management Solution includes:

  • Regulatory compliance management
  • Safety compliance management
  • Material compliance management
  • Non-conformance management
  • Physical test management

Supply, Customer Service, Quality, Production, Purchasing, they all use ENOVIA. It has become the trusted source of data for everyone in the company.

Dan Turkoski PLM Implementation Leader, Pentair