Product Portfolio and Requirement Management

Customers’ desire for custom solutions, together with the industry’s push for variety in design and technology, has dramatically increased the number of product types that need to be managed.  Success in this environment requires good communications and collaboration between the product planning and development organizations.  Evolving customer and market needs must be carefully tracked and analyzed to create the best strategy to develop the product, whether Assemble-to-Order, Build-to-Order, Configure-to-Order or Engineer-to-Order.

Dassault Systèmes (DS)' solution for Product Portfolio & Requirement Management allows industrial equipment manufacturers to establish product management procedures throughout the product lifecycle.  We provide robust requirement management capabilities that promote collaboration between product managers and technical teams while capturing and processing the voice of the customer as well as internal and external requirements.  Based on the list of candidate requirements, engineering can establish a proposed list of features that represents the customer’s view of the product capabilities prior to the availability of the actual technical solution.

Our solution provides product managers and marketing personnel with the ability to manage portfolios of product families by defining product lines and model hierarchies of available and future products.  Product structures are used as a framework to optimize the product definition process, allowing you to manage new concepts while defining product architectures.  Product planners find our interactive graphical interface easy to use for defining a library of product options, setting up rules, validating product configurations and automating bill of material generation for large families of products.  Throughout the product lifecycle, product functional, design, test specification and use cases are tracked for each new product feature.  As products proceed through development, changes are inevitable and they must be systematically managed.  A cross-functional change process tracks the problem from initial reporting through resolution.

DS' solution helps you plan your product portfolios based on customer needs, market shifts, and technology innovation. It gives you the flexibility to create new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and user-configurable dashboard views to react quickly to problems and opportunities.  By giving management real-time visibility into product portfolio development status, critical go/no-go decisions can be made before resources are deployed or costs incurred. 

Product Portfolio and Requirement Management Solution includes:

  • Product lines, models and variant management
  • Market/customer requirement management
  • New product introduction
  • Configured product catalog
  • Use case management

Cutting edge PLM technologies are critical in driving our business transformation strategy. CATIA and ENOVIA are the cornerstones of our innovation strategy, facilitating quick design and seamless collaboration in 3D.

Tae-hwan Kim, PLM Project Manager, Doosan Infracore