Installation, Commissioning and Services

Customers want to get the best return on investment for the entire life of your products.  Providing a turnkey solution that includes product, installation, operational and maintenance services helps to ensure continuing market success.  Even if your involvement ends with the sale, providing lifecycle information contributes to your customers' operational success and helps to ensure their repeat business.

Dassault Systèmes (DS)' fully integrated PLM system supports Design-for-Maintainability so that design, operation and maintenance processes can be optimized to best utilize available resources.  This approach also enables early identification of spare and alternate parts early in the development cycle.  DS' solution for Installation, Commissioning, and Services offers capabilities unmatched in the industrial equipment industry.  Digital manufacturing involving planning, scheduling, sequencing, NC programming, Quality Analysis (Q/A) simulation, as well as virtual commissioning reduces the occurrence of installation problems that typically arise when the systems and machinery are ready to be placed.  By simulating resources such as robots, humans and production processes, industrial equipment organizations can evaluate multiple production systems and process designs before investing in a single prototype, enabling Design Anywhere/Build Anywhere (DABA) business agility and savings.  This approach also enables retrofitting projects to be carried out with as easily as new product projects. 

Since changes are inevitable in the real world, we offer functionality to rapidly assess different alternatives to the production process and suggest ‘build-around’ strategies to quickly and efficiently revise the plan.  DS' solution maintains the relationships among design, manufacturing and operational planning information.  This helps industrial equipment manufacturers track late changes, identify parts that may be impacted by design changes and study the impact of the changes on production.  The integrated PLM environment gives industrial equipment makers the information they need to predict the cost of changes in dollars and time.  Installation and maintenance sequences are associated to the design structure but can be independently rearranged, providing full flexibility to support production at individual sites.  Upon completion of operational planning, detailed work instructions, technical documentation, operator training materials, maintenance manual and more are transferred to workers in the form of easy to follow instructions that can include 3D operational and maintenance sequences to help minimize errors. 

Installation, Commissioning and Services solution includes:

  • Installation process planning
  • Installation process detailing and validation
  • Technical publications management
  • Logistics support analysis (LSA)
  • Maintainability and reliability process
  • Maintenance process/resource planning and simulation
  • Spare parts management
  • Retrofitting management

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Carlos Moreno PLM Systems Manager, Pentair