Electrical Systems Design

The Industrial Equipment industry is facing increasing challenges in electrical systems design and management. In the past, electrical devices and harness routes were designed by fitting them in spaces left by mechanical engineers. In some cases, the fitting is even done during physical mockup validation.  Today, the rising complexity and importance of electronic features incorporated in industrial equipment products, high price of electrical equipments and cabling, have made electrical system design one of the key activities in product development rather than an afterthought.

Dassault Systèmes (DS)' solution for Electrical Systems Design is developed to provide an end-to-end process coverage for industrial equipment electrical systems engineering.  DS' solution links logical definition, physical definition, down to manufacturing preparation and documentation of an engineering system.  It integrates electrical systems design with robust configuration system management to increase part commonality across products.  DS' solution provides traceability between initial customer requirements and the final product, and is integrated with our outsourcing application for ease in selecting preferred manufacturing suppliers and sites.

DS' complete solution enables standard electrical components definition and catalog management, which cuts costs by reducing the number of managed parts.  It promotes efficient systems design by integrating electrical systems within the product's digital mockup from the development cycle's early stages.  By integrating harness design capabilities with schematics, flattening and manufacturing processes, DS' solution reduces electrical systems development costs by minimizing downstream errors. 

Electrical Systems Design Solution includes:

  • System synthesis
  • System logical design
  • Electrical Schematic diagram
  • Equipment and harness installation
  • Harness flattening and documentation
  • Formboard design
  • Assembly process planning
  • Work instruction generation

On the whole, after 18 months of production, we had gained 30 to 40% in design time which is really important since all our machines are customized for each client.

Laurent Simon CAD/CAM Manager, N. SCHLUMBERGER