Distributed Systems Design

Dassault Systèmes (DS)' solution for Distributed Systems provides complete Piping/Tubing system capabilities for Industrial Equipment manufacturers.  DS' solution covers the entire process, including systems logical definition, preliminary design, detailed design and manufacturing.  Our system diagrams supports Piping, Tubing and HVAC routing specifications based on standard symbols such as ANSI, ISO and DIN.

DS' solution enables users to define conceptual routing within the digital mockup, allowing for quick system space allocation and project cost assessment.  Detailing is highly automated and takes advantage of the knowledge defined and saved in specification catalogs.  You can define connections across disciplines and analyze these connections within an integrated PLM system to facilitate tracking of design modifications.  As a result, the quality of design is improved using schematics and by guaranteeing consistency between logical and physical definition.

In addition, we provide design rules to help automate parts placement and catalog component selection.  This allows designers to spend more time optimizing layouts and maximizing reuse of design and practices from previous successful projects.  Pipe bending rules and flanging are captured in the system, enabling detailed design to provide spool definition for manufacturing.  DS' solution also provides interfaces with standard isometric applications, including ISOGEN from Alias. 

DS PLM V6 brings RFLP (Requirement, Functional, Logical & Physical) integration that enables you to practice functional-driven logical design and logical-driven physical (2D/3D) design. Designers can link the conceptual requirements created in the earliest stages of product design with the next steps in the system logic design through to the completion of the detailed design. Complete traceability from requirement through functional, logical and physical design provides the flexibility to modify your design to respond quickly to changing market requirements.

Distributed Systems Design Solution includes:

  • Piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID)
  • HVAC diagrams
  • Tubing diagrams
  • Piping detailed design
  • Piping manufacturing drawing extraction (ISOGEN)
  • HVAC detailed design
  • HVAC manufacturing drawing extraction
  • Tubing detailed design
  • Support and hangers design

Using simulation to identify the essential resources for a process reduces design time of the model. By removing unnecessary resources virtually, we discovered that the simplified model was sufficient.

Kunihisa Komada Air Conditioning Manufacturing Division, Daikin Industries