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Excite the Consumer’s Imagination with Relevant Technology-Forward Products and Services

Managing product category shifts are at the heart of the customer’s preoccupation as sustainability and durability are gaining importance over the years. To avoid product irrelevance, disruptive innovation is needed. Innovation used to be defined primarily at the product level through the use of innovative designs or materials. This can mean innovation at the product level with 3D design, composite materials, and intelligent manufacturing simulation. But, today, disruptive innovation can go beyond the product itself. In modern daily life, connected products and services wrap the consumer in a brand experience and it is imperative to look at every aspect of the consumer journey as opportunities to surprise the consumer with unexpected value and dazzle them with personalized experiences.


Redefine Product Design & Development with Simulation and 3D

Next-generation products won’t be delivered using last generation processes and tools. Designing a new bicycle using 3D and simulation technologies opens up both new frontiers of creativity and previously unheard of abilities to bring personalized products to market faster, cheaper, and to a higher level of quality. 3D design tools are critical for quickly visualizing design intent and accurately communicating it to the factory. Simulation technologies are also becoming a requirement for bringing products to market quickly and at a lower cost. Material simulation, manufacturing simulation, and logistics simulation are all differentiators allowing to bring to the market more sustainable products and it gives companies a considerable competitive advantage to make the product which will make the difference.

Nestor+: a consumer-driven innovation in Home & Lifestyle

Your business creates solutions that make life better for consumers. This requires innovation, and it's a process that never stops pushing boundaries.


But, the reality is that many businesses face constraints in delivering innovative products that satisfy the mass market. If you're one of them, we have good news: the constraints can be managed better, allowing you to innovate easier and faster. With the right digital platform to support your processes, innovation is limitless.

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