Never Stand Still with Innovation...

Never standing still with innovation means looking at things from a different perspective. It means putting consumers at the center of everything you do to think and create without limits. It means imagining what’s possible in the virtual world and creating new solutions to make life better in the real world. It means creating tomorrow’s next generation products, services, trends and experiences, today. And it means helping talented teams become even more passionate about what they do by connecting them in real-time. Let them see new possibilities for a future they will shape.

Foster Innovation to Answer Consumer Expectation

Discover the role of PLM to address product development challenges and the imperative to think beyond PLM connecting the entire value network to foster innovation and deliver on business objectives.

The following companies are perfect examples of this vision: they never stand still with innovation and always think without limits. They are reinventing their respective industry.

How the Innovation Lab ECCO® is reshaping the footwear industry.

Imagine walking into a shoe store, spending thirty seconds having your foot digitally scanned, your gait measured by sensors and coming back after lunch to pick up your bespoke footwear. It’s a Cinderella story in which collaboration and technology are the real magical forces at work. See how we’re helping Innovation Lab ECCO use real-time in-store analysis and additive manufacturing to create customized silicone insoles that delight consumers with a perfect, personalized fit every time. And how, just as importantly, we’re empowering a beloved brand to discover an entirely new approach to design, materials, manufacturing and more exciting in-store experiences.

How a home appliance company rethinks the concept of a new food-robot.

Today’s consumers are in search of innovative products to help them achieve their wellness goals. See how a home appliance company used the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform to rethink their kitchen product from “Nestor” to “Nestor+”. They created a stylish and sophisticated food robot to align with consumers’ needs. A detailed webinar explains how Nestor+ was created, from identifying an initial market opportunity and listening to the voice of consumers to a breakthrough freeform and detailed design. The result? A perfect blend of form and function.

How TactoTek® is reimagining what’s possible for consumer electronics.

As the leader in Injection Molded Structural Electronics solutions, TactoTek collaborates with Dassault Systèmes to enable 3DEXPERIENCE platform users in the home appliances and wearable electronics industries to digitally create the next generation of consumer electronic experiences with TactoTek IMSE parts. They transform the way products are built by integrating electronic functions on 3D surfaces and even clothing. It’s a symbiotic relationship that’s boosting business for TactoTek while helping their customers accelerate development of innovative products and experiences using simulated TactoTek parts. 

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