White Goods

Innovation in the Age of Experience

The Potential

$ 37.2 B

Estimated smart appliances market by 2020, CAGR 15.4%. MarketsandMarkets


$ 324.2 B

Estimated global household appliances industry value by 2019. Lucintel

Smart appliances are forecast to hold potential for strong growth, especially against a backdrop of growing government emphasis on reducing energy consumption.

Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

The Challenge

High Tech appliance makers today have to cope with

  •  the complexities of producing smart and connected products
  • increasing consumer demand for personalization
  • distributed labor and supply chains
  •  the challenges of meeting multi-jurisdictional compliance requirements.

And they need to do this within ever-shrinking cycle times.

It is therefore no surprise than manufacturers are seeking solutions to foster collaboration between disciplines internally and externally, to support the development of configurable products, and to help managers master complex production and compliance processes.

Foster Team Collaboration

Revolutionizing white goods innovation through collaboration

Watch the "Puremotion" video to learn how connecting design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing on a single platform can transform your business.

Enable Open Innovation

Braided Organizations: Is your organization structured for success in an open, interconnected, real-time world?

Braided Organization introduce a new value creation dynamic and new ways for people to positively experience the enterprise, including:

  • A new way to alleviate both complexity and bureaucracy through flatter organizations and collaboration
  • A different way to meet the challenge of reduced lead times by allowing the simultaneous handling of multi-horizon, local and global purposes
  • An innovative way to deal with competencies management through improved knowledge sharing
  • A better way to engage people in a meaningful quest that gives them the opportunity to be both the players and the game designers

Many CEOs have unintentionally created organizations that are either structurally diabetic—so internally complex that they are unable to move fast enough to keep up with the pace of the market—or anemic—simplified to the point of depriving their businesses of the nutrients that keep today’s organizations competitive, relevant, and first-to-the-market, such as brainpower, knowledge, information, and insight.

Theano Advisors

Empower Project Management

Help your program managers tame complexity and drive performance


Discover best practices to help your program managers:

  • Make more disciplined and better-informed investment decisions
  • Manage increased complexity as products evolve into personalized experiences made up of hardware, software and services
  • Turn commodity suppliers into valued development partners
  • Understand the technology enablers needed by modern program management 



Design and development of products, and experiences, are getting increasingly complex. Program Managers can mitigate those risks by identifying and resolving issues early and often throughout the development process. Yet, they must be enabled by the right technology capabilities.

LC-Insights LLC

Customer Voice: Smart Kitchen

With connectivity, Miele is changing the experience of owning a home appliance

Eduard Sailer, director of technical affairs for German home appliance manufacturer Miele, leaves most of the cooking to his wife and daughters. If he wants to know what time dinner will be ready so that he leaves the office on time, however, he can check the oven’s status on his smartphone with the mobile app Miele@mobile.

The oven isn’t the only connected appliance in Sailer’s home. All of his Miele appliances can communicate with him and with each other. When the stovetop is on, it sends a signal that turns on the light in the range hood.

Depending on how many burners are in use and how high they are set, the stovetop also sends a signal to adjust the power settings of the exhaust fan. Separately, the washing machine could communicate the speed of the spin cycle to the dryer, which can then calculate the required drying time based on the washing machine’s load.

In the smart kitchen of 2020, the appliances will be interconnected, not just within the house but also externally. They will be integrated into an ecosystem that will bring the consumer greater comfort and a more spontaneous lifestyle.

Eduard Sailer Director of Technical Affairs, Miele