Product Testing & Simulation

Washing Machine

Reduce product returns and warranty costs with realistic virtual testing 

Customer demand and competitive pressures make High-Tech innovators integrate electronic, electrical and mechanical components into ever smaller and more flexible form factors. At the same time, growing product complexity and higher risk of product failures lead to longer development cycles.

Product Testing & Simulation enables the creation of accurate multi-disciplinary system models early during the concept design stage. The system behavior can then be simulated using these 1-D models, which allows system parameters to be improved using DOE (design of experiments) to satisfy various performance targets. 3-D multi-physics simulations can be conducted to further fine-tune different components before creating prototypes for physical testing, reducing the overall product development time and cost while helping to ensure product reliability.

About: Simulation Puts a New Spin on Washing Machine Design

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Converging to the best designs early through simulations and DOE
  • Reduce the risk of product failures by gaining comprehensive insight into product behavior
  • Reduce the need for costly physical prototypes through virtual testing and lifecycle prediction

Our aim is to create a high quality, reliably strong notebook while keeping cost and product development time down. With Abaqus, we are more innovative, faster, and can produce higher-quality products.

Dr Zhifeng Xin Senior Manager, Innovation Design Center (IDC), Lenovo