Workforce Planning


Optimize efficiency, employee satisfaction and delivery performance

The Workforce Planning Solution Experience will boost your organization’s productivity and quality of work by helping you put your people first. It turns planning and scheduling into a conversation between leadership and the workforce, rather than a command.  And it lets you allocate the right resources to tasks based on employees’ skills, availability, and preferences, while respecting all regulations and labor agreements.

Best of all, you can be sure you’ll make optimal decisions in times of crisis. When disruptions occur, the system instantly calculates the consequences and proposes actions to minimize its impact. Employee called in sick? Let the system propose suitable replacements along with their contact information.

The Workforce Planning solution experience lets you reduce labor costs while improving productivity and employee satisfaction.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimally integrate schedules for employees, equipment, and vehicles
  • Avoid expensive regulatory violations with a system that complies with all rules and regulations
  • Minimize administrative paperwork and maximize plan robustness