Master Production Scheduling


Deliver plans that are not just feasible, but profitable

The Master Production Scheduling Solution Experience gives you greater visibility and control over your production to create profitable plans in an increasingly complex manufacturing environment.

It incorporates short- and mid-term demand signals, such as a new order from a customer or a seasonal demand spike, and adjusts your plans accordingly to maintain optimal efficiency at all times. And instead of making decisions in the real world and then watching their effects unfold on the shop floor, the solution lets you explore your tactical options to see which one leads to the best outcome. Understanding the trade-offs of each decision in terms of finance, operations, supply chain and sales has never been easier.

The MPS solution can be easily integrated with other key company systems such as ERP, MES, and MRP, and allow you to optimize their performance as one. With this, you are better placed to achieve the best balance between inventory costs, machine utilization and availability, order fulfillment, staffing levels and customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits:

  • Assign, combine, and optimize orders based on demand, current stock level, and available capacity
  • Group specific operations that need to be planned together or near each other based on capacities and due dates
  • Ensure that bottleneck resources are optimally loaded no matter where they occur